• About Us

  • The basic purpose for the group is to enjoy, enhance, share, and acquire new skills with gardening, and make new friends!

    “Gardeners on the Rocks” was a name aptly selected for the first gathering (March 2000) of Sun City Lincoln Hills (SCLH) community members who were interested in forming a garden group. Because there was no lodge built yet, the first meetings were held in private homes.  Many volunteers have taken the leadership helm with the assistance of a very supportive and active steering committee. 

    Membership has now grown to over 230 households with monthly meetings held on the 4th Thursday of each month. Highly qualified speakers, on many topics, are invited to present and entertain our members monthly at the Kilaga Springs Presentation Hall. Topics include: planting, pruning, maintenance, conservation, insects, bees and birds.

    The Garden Group sponsors Plant Sales, SCLH Home Garden Tours, Bonsai, Flower and Rose Shows and Socials. Classes on-site on a variety of “garden interest projects” are offered including crafts, topiaries, succulent planters, flower arranging and bonsai. Field Trips off-site are an extension of the garden group to enhance members’ knowledge and enjoyment of other gardens in the area. 

    Many civic projects are supported with both physical and monetary donations: Twelve Bridges Library, Elementary Schools, Lincoln Community Garden, Lincoln High School Farm Project, Make a Difference Day in Lincoln, Boy Scout tree planting, Organic Farming, maintenance of the grounds at Fruitvale Historic School, and a variety of other local projects.