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    SUN CITY Lincoln Hills Garden Group - One of the oldest clubs at Lincoln Hills. Guided by a supportive and active Steering Committee, we offer monthly General Meetings with highly qualified speakers on all aspects of gardening. We sponsor Garden Shows (Bonsai, Flower and Rose), host a local Home Garden Tour, organize Plant Sales for Lincoln Civic Projects, and provide Field Trips, Socials, and Classes.

    Our purpose is to: Acquire knowledge about gardening techniques, stimulate interest in landscape projects, expose the membership to horticulture, and enjoy camaraderie among members.

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  • The City of Lincoln Community Garden (CG) was established in 2012. It is a city lot on 3rd and E Street behind Walmart.  The use of the lot for a community garden was donated by Richard and Donna Tofft, as Richard’s Grandfather farmed that lot for his family years ago.  It already had water pipes, a sturdy shed and a three bin block compost area. The additional  water pipes, plumbing expertise, lumber, soil, and labor for making 25 raised beds were all donated or discounted by members of the Lincoln community.

    The initial planning was done by business people, the Rotary Club and an interested couple new to Lincoln, Liberty and Chuck Nolan.  Joan Scarper and Burna Jamieson were Lincoln Hills Garden Group (GG) members, interested in this new project and attended those first planning meetings.  Bill Maynard, a community garden expert from Sacramento was invited to attend these meetings and gave invaluable suggestions.  Burna is still gardening at the CG and brings back, along with Marie Salers, a report on current goings on at the Garden to the Steering Committee of the GG.  

    The GG has been a supporter of the Garden as it has evolved.  Many financial supporters were needed for the fence and three gates that was necessary after some vandalism happened.  After the old table and chairs were stolen, Eagle Scouts stepped forward and fashioned a cement table and benches next to the shed.  A large umbrella was added as the last improvement that Chuck Nolan insisted on before moving back to Chicago. Betty Wilson and Marie Salers took over the management of the Garden with the Lincoln Rotary Club attending to the financial end of things.  

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