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    SUN CITY Lincoln Hills Garden Group - One of the oldest clubs at Lincoln Hills. Guided by a supportive and active Steering Committee, we offer monthly General Meetings with highly qualified speakers on all aspects of gardening. We sponsor Garden Shows (Bonsai, Flower and Rose), host a local Home Garden Tour, organize Plant Sales for Lincoln Civic Projects, and provide Field Trips, Socials, and Classes.

    Our purpose is to: Acquire knowledge about gardening techniques, stimulate interest in landscape projects, expose the membership to horticulture, and enjoy camaraderie among members.

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  • SCLH Garden Group under the direction of Arden Bendorf and Carol Wilson, volunteers two people on a monthly basis to water and maintain the indoor plants at the Lincoln Library.  

    The ladies usually go on a Tuesday morning before the library opens to the public to check on each plant looking for dead leaves, branches, bugs, dust the leaves, spray and wipe when necessary with insecticide and check the moisture level of each plant to determine if it needs additional watering.  ‚Äč

    Depending upon the location of the plant, some plants will need more care than others but under the expert guidance of Arden and Carol, the ladies know what to do each visit.  If a plant needs repotting, Arden arranges for a time to repot and return the plant to its proper location within the library.

    Also, thru the SCLH Garden Group, the library receives on a regular basis a copy of the following magazines for use by the public: Birds and Blooms, Garden Gate and Country Gardens.

    Below, Nancy Sloan and Marie Salers are giving the plants some TLC…  

  • Friends of the Lincoln Library - Sept 2021

    Who takes care of the lovely potted plants in the library? Answer: The Sun City Lincoln Hills Garden Group.  For 20 years, the Garden Group has supported civic projects in Lincoln, including projects for the Lincoln High School Ag Program, Phoenix Continuation School, the Old Fruitvale School Community, Community Gardens, Lincoln Boulevard Redesign and, of course, the Lincoln Public Library.

    The Garden Group had a role in the original outdoor landscaping of the library and donated many crepe myrtle and other trees. The group also donated the Boy Reading sculpture that can be easily seen through the windows in the Children's Library seating area. And now the Garden Group is purchasing four 6-foot benches for installation at the Twelve Bridges High School.

    When touring the almost completed library building, the Garden Group suggested that the space could be made more welcoming by including potted plants. The Library Director agreed as long as the Garden Group took responsibility for the care of the plants, which they have faithfully done to this day. The Garden Group volunteers visit the library about weekly to care for the plants. The volunteers look for dead leaves, branches, and bugs. They dust the leaves, check the moisture level of each plant to determine if watering is needed and, when necessary, spray/wipe with insecticide. Depending upon the plant's location, some plants need more care than others. If a plant needs repotting, volunteers arrange for a time to repot and return the plant to its proper location in the library. When asked about care of houseplants, Arden Bendorf (Garden Group volunteer) said the most important thing is to be a "plant lover" and pay attention to your plants.

    The Garden Group also provides the library with subscriptions to gardening magazines: Birds and BloomsGarden Gate and Country Gardens. Enjoy reading the current issues at the library. Back issues can be checked out for enjoying at home.  

    Thank you Garden Group for taking such good care of the plants.  Also, a big thanks to Amanda Toohey (library staff) who faithfully watered the plants when the library was closed last year due to the pandemic.  

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