• Summer is here and we are having a hot one!

    There are opportunities to participate with our fun Steering Committee as we keep the Garden Group activities going.

    July 7, Thursday our Garden Tour Planning Committee is holding it’s 2nd meeting.  We are getting a good head start for the 2023 Tour.  1:30 in the Fine Arts room at OC.  Please come join us and find a place to participate or just see what’s happening.

    July 14, a Thursday, our Steering Committee meets at 1:30 in the Multi Media Room at OC.  We will be electing a new VP if all goes well.  This person will be working with me to be sure the Garden Group meets it’s obligations and creates a fun environment for our membership.  We have not chosen this person yet so if you think this would be interesting please give me a call.

    AND we are still looking for a Webmaster. This person would need to be somewhat comfortable working on a computer and interested in learning the fun of creating on a website (if that was not your expertise already).  Some Graphic Design experience would be awesome. The website needs updating regularly and is an important way we keep in touch with our membership. This position is a member of the Steering Committee and will be interacting with other members regularly.

    The 2023 Flower Show is waiting for a creative leader to shine.  Lots of options for a fun display.

    Thanks for your interest and ideas!

    Robin Juhasz, President SCLH Garden Group

    916 899-2382