• Annual Plant Sale

  • Saturday April 4, 2020 - 9:00 - 11:00 AM
    Postponed for Now...


    April 4th Plant Sale - Postponed for now...


    "Due to COVID-19 public health concerns, we determined that it is in the best interest of our community that we postpone our April 4th Plant Sale at the Sports Pavilion.

    We will, hopefully, reschedule later this year when the situation improves."


     ​Annual Fund Raiser to Benefit Lincoln Civic Garden Projects

    • Do you have extra volunteers from your perennials?
    • Are you dividing your iris, lilies, cannas, bulbs, etc.?
    • Are you replacing some plants you no longer want in your garden?
    • ​Do you have Garden Books, Tools, Pots, Vases, Baskets, Garden Art etc. to donate?

      Please "pot plants or bag bulbs" and make them "presentable for sale" and bring them and other items to our Plant Sale between 8:00 - 9:00 am on Saturday April 4, 2020. Be sure to label them including name, color, sun/shade, or any other helpful tips, perhaps a picture of them in bloom!

     Please keep your plants in 3 gallon or smaller containers. Thank You! 

    Contact:  Marie Salers (916-408-3895) or Linda Bringle (916-645-3862)​​


    2019 Opportunity Drawing Winners


    The Plant Sale was very successful this year and we thank you for your participation to help with this fundraiser for civic projects. The winners for the Opportunity Drawing were:


    1. High Hand Nursery: 2 gallon evergreen plant in spectacular full bloom - Pieris - Katsura Japanese Andromeda Value $40. Winner: Marsha Rockinich
    2. Pottery World: Yellow decorator pot. $180 value.  Winner: Linda O’Toole
    3. Green Acres Nursery: 14" color pot with various blooming evergreen plants. $50 value.  Winner: Diane Margetts
    4. Target of Rocklin: Leather gloves, metal watering can, organic potting soil. $35. Winner: Jerome Venjohn
    5. Target of Lincoln: Faux Ceramic Log Plant stand $80.  Winner: Lynde Rammelsberg
    6. Lowe's of Lincoln: Decorative Garden Hose Hideaway reel: $80.  Winner: Myrna Yarza
    7. Garden Group Donation: Kangaroo Paw in Ceramic Pot $30.  Winner: Mercedes
    8. Home Depot: Jade Plant “Gollum” succulent in Ceramic Pot $40. Winner: Mary Gott
    9. Carol Thompson: Hand thrown Olla pot and “Gardening with Less Water” book $60. Winner: Gina Buckingham
    10. Virgil Dahl and Marie Salers: Japanese Maple in Large Ceramic Pot $50?  Winner: Sandy Smith 
    11. Madelynn Mossar: Succulent filled Basket $40? Winner: Mary Gott