• Field Trips for 2020

  • Each field trip will cost $3.00 to attend and are open to our current members. You can meet us at the location or car pool.  We will car pool from the Kilaga Springs parking lot, gathering about 30 minutes before the scheduled event.  If someone is the driver, we are asking each rider to pay the driver $3.00.   

    Anyone who wants to sign up should contact Ann Beede. She will need $3.00 to sign up and they can mail their check to the address below. Each tour will have further information once you have signed up or contact Ann Beede for questions.

    Ann Beede - Field Trip Coordinator  or  Linda Garrett
    262 Lariat Loop                                       916-409-5944
    916-792-6443                                         linda_garrett@sbcglobal.net

  • February 21 - SF Bay Coffee, Lincoln (Limit 15 people)


    There is no cost for this tour and it is limited to 15 people. Plan to meet at the facility at 9:30 a.m. with the tour beginning at 10:00 and lasting about 1 hour.

    Read the attached flyers for dress code and directions to the office.


    From SF Bay Coffee: We look forward to seeing you at our company’s Facility Tour.  Attached is a list of facility protocols that need to be observed while on site, as well as directions.  Please pay close attention to the dress code.  Visitors that do not have the proper attire will not be permitted out on to the production floor.

    *** GPS Navigation will not direct you correctly to our location. ***


    SF Coffee Directions


    SF Coffee Tour Instructions

  • March 10 - Amazon, Sacramento (Limit 35 people)


    Amazon Tour (9:30) Instructions (click here)


  • July 14 - U.C. Berkley, Botanical Gardens (canceled)

  • October 14 - Sierra Pacific Lumber (???)