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  • Purpose of the Group:

    …to acquire knowledge about plants and basic gardening techniques in general
    …to enjoy the wonders and bounty of nature through local tours and day trips
    …to stimulate interest and excitement in landscape projects of our neighbors through home garden tours
    …to expose the membership to horticulture in the Northern California area
    …to create a supportive environment by seeking advice from garden experts
    …to participate in local civic gardening needs
    …to encourage camaraderie among our members

  • …is open to all residents of the Lincoln Hills community
    …annual dues are $20 per household, or as set by the Steering Committee, payable beginning in January for the calendar year
    …guests may attend three meetings before paying dues
    …members are welcome to attend any Steering Committee meetings as nonvoting attendees

  • 2022 Membership & Waiver Forms


    Please note that there is a new form that will be required from you this year, a liability waiver release form. Just as one is required to complete a waiver release form for the Association when taking an Association trip, we have been encouraged to require a waiver release form for our members. With more Activities taking place outside of Lincoln Hills we will now be requiring a waiver release form. However, this form will only need to be completed once by you for the duration of your membership, including renewals.

    2022 Membership Form (click here)

    Waiver Form (click here)  

    To Join, complete the Membership & Waiver Forms and mail to Marjie Anderson or bring the application to the next general meeting.