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    SUN CITY Lincoln Hills Garden Group - One of the oldest clubs at Lincoln Hills. Guided by a supportive and active Steering Committee, we offer monthly General Meetings with highly qualified speakers on all aspects of gardening. We sponsor Garden Shows (Bonsai, Flower and Rose), host a local Home Garden Tour, organize Plant Sales for Lincoln Civic Projects, and provide Field Trips, Socials, and Classes.

    Our purpose is to: Acquire knowledge about gardening techniques, stimulate interest in landscape projects, expose the membership to horticulture, and enjoy camaraderie among members.

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    The Garden Group was asked to participate with our City of Lincoln community leaders in their project to help restore and beautify the former Scout Hall site, located at 531 F St. in downtown Lincoln.  Their goal was to plant native and drought resistant plants to go along with a new bench and walkway in the old Scout Hall site. The Garden Group donated $500 toward their efforts to purchase new trees and shrubs as designated by their landscape architect to beautify the restored site.  Through our efforts, Kelloggs donated soil amendments and fertilizer for the 75 new plants and trees.  The site is now a beautiful memorial for the Boy Scouts in Lincoln and the City of Lincoln.


    When Hwy 65 through the City of Lincoln was re-designated as Lincoln Blvd, the City developed a plan to beautify the new Lincoln Blvd through downtown Lincoln.  The Garden Group proposed donating money towards the purchase of trees that were to be planted by the City along the soon to be redeveloped new street through town. The Garden Group in late 2015 donated $2000 to the City of Lincoln towards the purchase of 20 new trees near the intersection of 6th Street and Lincoln Blvd in downtown Lincoln.  In early 2016, to commemorate our donation to the City, the Garden Group paid for a plaque that designated that the trees planted at this intersection were donated by SCLH Garden Group 2015.  


    The Garden Group donated both time and money to the Fruitvale School in 2016.  The Fruitvale School was built in 1889 as a one room country school house that supported the area of Lincoln school kids.  It is now a community center about 7 miles northeast of Lincoln providing educational and agricultural programs for children in this area as well as serving as the site of the third grade Living History Program.  The Garden Group donated $500 to the school towards their autumn fund raiser as well as time, material and some sore muscles to maintain their gardening efforts throughout 2016 for their grounds, bedding areas and roses.


    The Garden Group supported our local library in several ways during 2016.  We maintained, on a weekly basis, the plants inside the Library including watering, pruning or replanting when necessary the several dozen indoor plants.  In addition to this effort, the Garden Group purchased and donated to the City of Lincoln Library, garden related magazine subscriptions worth $40 this year that are available to the residents of Lincoln for their use and review while at the library.


    The Garden Group supported the 3rd Grade Class at First Street School this past year with their garden that they planted.  We assisted in removing the weeds, preparing the beds and planting vegetables as a class project.  


    The Garden Group continued to support the Lincoln Community or Tofft Memorial Garden that has been in existence since 2012.  While the Garden Group had no financial support for the garden in 2016, several members of the Garden Group have continued to be actively involved in its support and upkeep.  In the past, we have supported the Lincoln Rotary Club with financial support to install the fencing around the garden, irrigation and soil amendments as well as plants.  The Community Garden supports the Salt Mine, St. James Church in Lincoln and the South Placer Food Bank by providing fresh vegetables to each during the growing season.

    2016 Shows

    During 2016, the Garden Group held a Flower Show in March at Kilaga Springs Lodge, a Rose Show at Orchard Creek Lodge in April and a Bonsai Show at Orchard Creek Lodge in June.  All shows were very successful and well attended by members of the community.  We received some very nice compliments from people attending our shows.

    In April, we held our annual Home Garden Tour which was well attended and very successful as they have been in the past.  We are grateful to the home owners who opened up their yards for our community to visit, see and marvel at some of the unique yards and paradises that are here in Lincoln Hills.

    In April, we also held our spring plant sale at the Sports Pavilion where turnout and support was great and we sold over $1100 in plants and items donated by members of the community and Garden Group.  We were also supported in this effort by several of our local stores and nurseries who donated items that were used in the opportunity drawing that was held at the conclusion of the sale.

    To conclude the 2016 year, we have our annual Holiday Brunch scheduled in December at Orchard Creek Lodge for Garden Group members.

    As you can see, the Garden Group has had a very busy year.  Through our plant sale, the monthly brown bag sales and other donations, we were able to support many civic and local activities as well as providing interesting speakers at our monthly meetings.  For more information about our group, please visit our website “lhgardengroup.org."

    We hope that you enjoyed this past year and encourage you to join us again next year as we embark on more shows and activities in 2017.  Thank you for your support.

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